Family Friendly Holiday in France

Looking for a place to go for your family friendly holiday? Did you think about a family holiday in France ?

Let Hello Famille be your guide! Take the time to look through our catalogue of family friendly accomodation for your holiday in France with kids. 
But first of all, please let us give you a little information about how things work around here 😉



Family friendly holiday accommodation:

Hello Famille is first and above all things a collaborative website, where you can share and exchange ideas and deals related to “family travelling and/or family activities” , recommend family friendly accommodation you’ve been to and/or find family friendly accommodation for holidays in France.

Our philosophy is to share honest and genuine opinions on holiday venues, great destinations and help families find the ideal nest for their holidays 😊  Our family holiday accommodation is approved and recommended by families !

vtf-le-pigneroux-famille-testeuse-headerHolidays are too special to be spoilt! A great way of making sure you’re booking your family holiday in France in the right place is definitely by reading the comments, honest opinions and holiday experiences of other families who have been there before you!

And there is only one way of making this happen! By sharing YOUR OWN EXPERIENCES with us and encouraging others to do the same. Our family accommodation catalogue is growing thanks to YOU!
Indeed, all the different hotels, holiday clubs, camping sites and accommodation have been recommended by families, parents’ part of the Hello Famille community.

To submit YOUR recommendations it’s SOOO EASY! Just fill out the form on our home page called “Recommandez nous un hébergement” (you can also simply send us an email through the contact form), submit the name of the place and your personal and honest opinion of it.
The Hello Famille team will then review the venue and take care of integrating it, as well as your comments about it, in the family accommodation catalogue.

If you have been to one of the venues recommended in our database and you wish to share your experience simply post a comment on the dedicated page of the venue on our website!

In either way, it will help other families chose their family holiday accommodation based on honest experiences and recommendations.

aire-de-jeuxObviously, the places you’ll find in our catalogue are family friendly and offer services adequate for a holiday in France with kids. We love places with secure pools, play areas, gardens with fences and all things that make parents lives easier!
We also believe that baby equipment (high chair, cot,…) is a MUST and not just a nice to have 😉




Family friendly venues tested by our « Familles Testeuses »

We frequently organize special operations called “Famille Testeuse” in various locations/venues by sending a “real family” selected out of OUR community on holiday to try out an establishment, check-out it’s equipment, activities, environment and send back your holiday story (photos, videos and text) that is then published on our website to allow other families to see what the place looks like and if it could match their needs!

Check-out the dedicated page and discover the adventures of the families we sent on holiday!

Finding YOUR family holiday venue in the wink of an eye:

Simply use the functionalities on our welcome page:

  • Où voulez vous aller = where do you want to go
  • Où voulez vous dormir ? = where do you want to sleep : camping site, hotel, holiday club,…
  • Combien de personnes? = how many people ?

You’ll easily identify what you’re looking for thanks to the various buttons that pop-up on the venue’s description. Especially look out for these buttons icon-teste-premiumor pastille-familletesteuseas they guarantee having been tested by at least one family in the Hello Famille community!

So…. What’s your next destination?! :)

We do speak english so don’t hesitate to ask us for advice or help for booking. It would be more of a pleasure to help you :)

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